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Our applicants have a 100% success rate!
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Your Options


When your driver’s licence has been suspended but you still have to drive for work, you'll have to choose one of three routes.

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Spend Thousands
Spend thousands to hire a lawyer to represent you in court for 5 minutes – when all you actually need is the correct paperwork with the personalised rationale for your case to be submitted at court.
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DIY Route
Go the DIY route, wasting time figuring out the application process, pitfalls, and legalities on your own – and risk a 3-month extended ‘stand down’ for failing your Limited Licence application. (This delays your return to the road even longer, by preventing you driving during your suspension period).
Hire an expert
Hire an expert to communicate with the police for you, complete your work licence documentation, present the strongest case for you, and help you with the court process. This is where we come in.  We are dedicated to drivers getting back on the road as FAST as possible. This is ALL we do!
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Your investment

What does it cost?

For typical cases involving demerit points accrued from speeding fines, expect to pay between $475 and $990 +GST.

For cases involving excess breath alcohol (EBA), more details into your history, your driving and your life situation are required for the application process, with more conditions to be met. Because the process takes longer and building your case is more complex, your costs will reflect this.

Either way, you’ll be pleased to know that we charge about 40% of a comparable law firm’s fee. We accept New Zealand bank debit to our ANZ account or a Credit Card payment via secure online service. All forms of payment are fully guaranteed and use encrypted, secure payment gateways through your own bank.

Please note: Complicated applications may require review, particularly if the applicant needs to repeatedly alter information. As the application, affidavit, and draft court order are all connected, we create your application documents and order only once the affidavit is finalised.

Don’t try to DIY it or leave your application to chance – within 24 hours, our team of experts can get you set up with all you need to succeed in your limited licence application.

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let’s Get going

How it works

You provide details about your licence issue, and we assess your options, the timing for you and the timing in relation to the dates in the system and explain what you need to do to get back on the road. We can custom-build a Limited Licence that suits your needs.

Our team will compose several documents personalised to you and your specific situation, which you then file with the court.

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How we're different

NZ Limited Licence is on your side

Customer Service Support
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We're nationwide

Whichever court you’re in, we can complete your application.

There are 63 courts in New Zealand, and each one handles the rules around Limited Licences in a different way. Our system manages every court into one efficient set-up, so we can help you no matter where in New Zealand you live and work.

Helping with Application
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We're experts

We know your rights inside out, and will stand up for them.

We know when the courts or the police are mucking you around – unfortunately this does happen. We can help you get your work licence application in when you might back down or be discouraged on your own.
This is not the time to be on the back foot.
This is not our first rodeo !

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We're Fast and Efficient

Be driving sooner.

We know you want to get on the road sooner, to minimise disruption to your work, income, and family life. Our number one goal is to help you get back on the road as soon as possible –  nothing is more important to us. In special circumstances, we can turn around your personalised documents in less than 2 hours.

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What you get

What comes with the application?

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Limited Licence Affidavit
This document is the basis of your application. It lays out the legal requirements for your Limited Licence, and the reasons you require one.
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Ongoing Support from our Team
Our team is here for you to guide you through the process. We can help you with your application and answer any questions you have.
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Director's Affidavit
If you are self employed or are a director of your own LTD company we can create your directors affidavit for you.
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Variation Affidavit
Where you need to make an alteration to a court order, like a change of address or vehicle - we process that for you at minimal charge - lawyers will bill you $500 for that alone.
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Draft Court Order
We supply this document, saving you and the court valuable time. All the judge has to do on the day is sign the order!
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District Court Application
This document is your court application for your Limited Licence hearing in the District Court.
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Employer Letter in Support
We build your employer a Word document letter in support of your application, they only need sign it and do nothing else.
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Google Driving Boundary Map
We create the boundary map for your application to succeed in court. Showing clearly where you are allowed to drive.
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Court Process Guide
We guide you through the whole process, explaining every step where needed, and coaching you on what's coming next.