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Get your Limited Licence

Demerit Suspended ? Be driving legally right now from NZ $475*
District Court documents back within hours* (special conditions apply)
When your home, family and health all depend on income.
You absolutely need to drive, do not gamble with your Driver's Licence.
Go with the recognised experts Nationwide - NZ Limited Licence.
We operate in 63 District Courts in NZ.
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What we do

We can help you get a limited licence for work

Disqualified from driving? Exceeded your demerit points?

If you are eligible and need to drive to perform your job, we can help you get your work licence.

We work with you to complete your documentation and help you apply. We don't represent you in court so there is no need to outlay thousands in pointless legal fees.

Don't try to do it on your own. This is what we do every day, and there's nothing we haven't seen or dealt with before.

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Apply Now

With a 99% success rate* we are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We work behind the scenes to get you back driving.

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Apply Now

With an 99% success rate* we are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We work behind the scenes to get you back driving.

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What you need to do

Complete our application form

Limited Licence applications are all we do, and we are expert at it. We’ve created hundreds of successful applications for our clients. 

We’re really familiar with all the pitfalls and roadblocks you may encounter. We know exactly what to do when it comes to getting you out the other side with a Limited Licence, whatever your occupation. Occupations we have assisted include truck drivers, couriers, sales representatives, real estate agents, builders, and share milkers.

We understand this is a stressful situation for you with some potentially very serious consequences. We’ll help you navigate this without breaking the bank on legal fees.

Our promise: We’ll take care of your documentation so you can get back to what’s important: your work, your livelihood, and taking care of your family.

Helping with Application
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How it works

The Limited Licence process

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What you get

What comes with the application?

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Limited Licence Affidavit
This document is the basis of your application. It lays out the legal requirements for your Limited Licence, and the reasons you require one.
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Ongoing Support from our Team
Our team is here for you to guide you through the process. We can help you with your application and answer any questions you have.
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Director's Affidavit
If you are self employed or are a director of your own LTD company we can create your directors affidavit for you.
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Variation Affidavit
Where you need to make an alteration to a court order, like a change of address or vehicle - we process that for you at minimal charge - lawyers will bill you $500 for that alone.
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Draft Court Order
We supply this document, saving you and the court valuable time. All the judge has to do on the day is sign the order!
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District Court Application
This document is your court application for your Limited Licence hearing in the District Court.
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Employer Letter in Support
We build your employer a Word document letter in support of your application, they only need sign it and do nothing else.
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Google Driving Boundary Map
We create the boundary map for your application to succeed in court. Showing clearly where you are allowed to drive.
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Court Process Guide
We guide you through the whole process, explaining every step where needed, and coaching you on what's coming next.
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Get started now

Call us or apply online

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll set the process in motion to get you back behind the wheel and back to work as soon as possible. Where lawyers charge per hour, we offer fixed fees, as well as a free 30 to 90 minute consultation with zero obligation. Start the process anytime by simply filling in our Limited Licence application form. There is no need to wait until the office is open – our after-hours team will get working on your case as soon as you submit your application.

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Get started

Start the application

Start the process any time by simply filling in our limited licence application form (link to application page). There is no need to wait until the office is open – our after-hours team will get working on your case as soon as you submit your application.

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call us

Need some help?

Our live chat support team is available 24/7

Ask us any questions about the cost, your eligibility, or the time frame to get your license, or ask us to walk you through how to fill in your application form.

Team Support

They were fast, economical and efficient…

They had the practical knowledge to show me how to position my application and affidavit in ways that would support my case in court. I would describe the process as efficient, easy and economical. A solicitor quoted me $2500 whereas this was $1300 all up once all the different court costs were paid.
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We are all about not wasting time.
If you have been caught "driving while disqualified or driving while suspended" you are NOT able to get any Licence to drive in NZ.
Your vehicle will have been impounded and the next step for the courts if you continue to drive, is prison.
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