Mark's Success Story

The entire process was simple and easy – even though my case was a tricky one
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Mark's Success Story

Disqualified 9 times, 1400 demerit points- and we still got him his work licence

Papakura District Court

Spanning over 40 years Mark had over 1400 demerit points on his driving record. The police were opposing his limited licence application because of his history and we knew that we had to build a rock-solid case for hardship for the judge to grant the application.

Marks story:

l have lost my licence heaps of times, but this is the first time I have applied for a limited licence.

I have a bad history of driving; I have been disqualified nine times and I when I was 19 I lost my licence for 10 years.

The police said I have a record of 1440 demerit points. But I have never caused an accident, and I haven’t injured anyone. However I know my driving record is really bad, and the police hate my guts.

Time for change

I went to jail in 2010, when I got out in 2016, I decided to turn my life around.

After prison I made the focus of my life my kids.  I really didn’t want to see them get involved in the shit I was involved in.  So, I made a new start, got a job driving a truck for my mate’s company, and I stopped associating with bad crowds.

This time it’s different…

I hadn’t bothered to try to get my licence back before, but this time I needed to keep my licence, or I would have lost everything – the job that I love and the life that I built.

Completing the licence application was easy, Guy helped me to complete the application and it was pretty simple, even for me…and I don’t do much on the internet!

I had never applied for a limited licence before because I just didn’t care that much, but now I really wanted to keep my job and keep on the same path I am now. Without my job I would lose my house and at 61 I would struggle to get another job - especially with Covid 19 and layoffs in the industry.

Appearing in Court:

I was pretty worried because of the attitude of the police; I know they were opposing my application because there was another guy in court ahead of me who had 1000 demerit points and they were so opposed to his application. I really didn’t think I was going to get it and was prepared for the worst.

Guy helped me build a really good affidavit for the court, it explained the impact losing my licence would have on me  ( losing my job and destroying the life I have tried to build after prison) and it seemed to really ring true to the judge. He granted my application and I was so happy.

I would recommend NZ Limited Licence to anyone, they were excellent.