Connor's Success Story

Guy went above and beyond to help me out. It was just straight to the point with him.
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Connor's Success Story

Court hearing done and dusted in 35 seconds

Waitakere District Court

A partner in a growing block laying business, Connor needed his licence to interact with clients, drive all the trucks, and deliver materials, something only he and his partner were qualified to do. On top of that, his pregnant wife had had some “early scares” that demanded he be able to drive her at a moment’s notice, so it was crucial that he get his licence back – and get it back now.

Connor’s story

I lost my licence due to demerit points. The offences were relatively minor: texting while driving, towing a trailer without a rego, and speeding to a work meeting. A little bit of carelessness, a little bit overworked, a bit of ignorance – it all just kind of piled up.

I initially applied  for my licence from another company but once I started the process with them something felt off- they wanted to pull up my full driver history, (which cost me $80 and didn’t show me in the best light;  as I had had multiple drink driving charges as a minor.)

That instantly rang alarm bells for me.

They also wanted me to do a defensive driving course before I applied, which I thought was quite weird, given that it would take time and I didn’t lose my licence for “bad driving”.

Anyway, it was all going to take quite a bit of time with them, something I did not have. I needed to get back on the road as soon as possible. I had a gut feeling that there must be an easier way; and I must have picked the wrong company. I went back onto Google and clicked on the next ad that popped up, and it was New Zealand Limited Licence.

So much easier, and faster too

Guy went above and beyond to help me out. It was just straight to the point with him. And it was much easier than what that other company was trying to get me to do, which was a massive rigamarole. He told me I didn’t need to do any of that and, due to COVID, there probably weren’t going to be any defensive driving courses available anyway!

I paid him on 24th of September, and on the morning of the 25th, less than 12 hours later, he had my application, affidavit, and order ready for me, along with the details of what I needed to do.

As expected, the police opposed me because of my past driving record. When I got the letter from the prosecutor, I called Guy right away. Over a phone call, he pulled up the documents, amended the application and affidavit, and sent them back to the court and prosecutor for me, within an hour!

Amazing results

I was a little nervous about going to court. I really needed to get my licence, and I didn’t want to risk an unsuccessful outcome by missing a minor procedure. Again, Guy took the time to explain everything simply and clearly, and the results were amazing.

Even though I spent about seven hours waiting due to a scheduling error, my hearing took just 35 seconds! The judge read the amended documents and said, ‘I completely agree with why you are trying to apply, I grant it, have a good day.’