Luke's Success Story

We made it easy for this busy entrepreneur to get back to business
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Luke's Success Story

We made it easy for this busy entrepreneur to get back to business

Wellington District Court

The director and part owner of a handful of family-owned businesses, Luke had his hands full – too full to handle the legwork and paperwork involved. NZ Limited Licence helped this two-time offender get in his limited licence in 20 seconds flat, with no police opposition

Luke’s story

While Luke had never applied for a limited licence before, he had lost his licence before but had circumvented the problem by having an employee serve as his driver for three months. When he lost his licence a second time, his best friend, a police sergeant, gave him Guy’s phone number and told him to sort his life out: “He said, ‘I can save you, but I can’t save you forever.’”

Luke was relieved to find that Guy didn’t judge him too harshly, however.

“He gave me the time of day, regardless of what I had done. He was focused not on how I got myself into that position but on getting me out and going again, and that was priceless. He treated me like he’d known me for the past 10 years, and you just don't get that these days.”

“He did everything, went above and beyond. The communication was just bang on. If anything, he was chasing me rather than me chasing him! Put it this way: I’ve saved his number, and if I ever get into trouble again, he’s the first person I’m going to call.”

So how did Luke lose his licence the second time?

“The demerit points accumulated over a couple of years, mainly because of speeding and being on the phone. I’m the office controller for multiple companies, about five or six of them, so my phone’s just constantly going off. I’ve tried hands-free and things, but I’m in and out of so many different vehicles in one day and hands-free doesn’t follow me everywhere I go. Sometimes I just have no option but to answer the phone because it’s business, you know? They explain that there’s always a way you can pull over, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.”

Guy took the pain out of the process

“He guided me like I was a blind man. Obviously, it’s very daunting when you first hear about it, because it’s like you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that, go to the courts, go to the police station, print 5 copies of that. It just sounds like a whole bunch of stuff that you have to do and then it sort of gives you anxiety. You think, I’m never going to get this done!

“When we first started the process, I thought, This is so hard; this is going to be so hard to do. But now that I’m driving around, I actually can’t believe how easy it was. A couple of days after I handed in my documents, they emailed me saying the police do not oppose my limited licence application. And when I went to court, it was literally a 20-second glance and I was out.”

Did Luke consider trying to do it himself?

“With my position in the companies, I honestly don’t think I would have been able to pull myself away to get everything done. I was too afraid to do it on my own – I was worried I might miss something – and I’m not afraid to do many things!

“Guy took me through everything that was going to happen, and how it was going to happen. On the day, I felt very prepared. I took everything with me, including the email from the police saying they didn’t oppose my application, just in case the police decided to oppose me on the day.

“I felt so good and it went exactly the way Guy said it was going to: in and out. It was effortless and just excellent – above and beyond.”